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This clip of the hauntingly beautiful song My Love Will Never Die  written by Rod Stone (see bio below) garnered high accolades at the debut performances of Marching Through Culpeper. Kudos to our phenomenal stars John Matthew Flemming (Aaron Ames) and Maddison Hicks (Constance Armstrong) for their stellar rendition. This musical highlight resulted from the hard work and talent of many people including arranger Dave Huntsinger, music director Greg Harpine – owner of White Dove Studios, his talented pit orchestra, and directors Johncie and Tim Carlson.

Over 2,000 people attended the six performances August 3-5, 10-12, 2012, and the cast received standing ovations at each performance! Esteemed Civil War scholar Dr. James Robertson and his wife Betty Lee joined us for opening night. Dr. Robertson said, “Virginia Morton, you have done Culpeper proud. This town will be grateful for years to come.”  

Synopsis: “Love across the battle lines”

Headstrong Constance Armstrong of Culpeper, Virginia—epicenter of the Civil War—struggles to keep her family alive while joining her surrogate brother, Confederate scout Frank Stringfellow, in espionage. But when she takes a wounded Union soldier into her home, their growing attraction pushes her courage to life-changing levels.


Music is Rod Stone’s life. He spent twenty years in Nashville where he had several songs recorded in the Country genre from artists like George Hamilton IV, Ricky Lee Watson, Crystal Gayle, and Jeff and Sheri Easter to Lee Greenwood who recorded and released his song “USA Today” for the twenty-fifth anniversary of “God Bless the USA.” Three of his songs were also included on Golden Books/ Golden Music flagship project “Lullabies for Little Ones” and an instrumental c.d. called “Autumn in New England” which sold in excess of a million copies.

He now resides with his family in Washington State where he continues his songwriting career. In 2008 His wife Carrie bought a book, “Market Place Miracles,” by Rick Heeren and read the story of Virginia B. Morton’s dream of having her Civil War novel “Marching Through Culpeper” made into a movie. Carrie contacted Rick Heeren and suggested that Rod was to write the music for the movie. Everyone (including Rod) became excited at the prospect. After reading the book, Rod began turning out songs that Virginia Morton called “Perfect! They brought tears to my eyes!” Eventually the movie concept transformed into a stage musical with the hope that eventually this production will lead to a movie.

When asked why someone from the West Coast would want to invest so much time in a Civil War story, Rod responded, “Truth! This story is dripping with real events and real history in a high-paced, dramatic form. Also, the characters were very captivating to me—Constance Armstrong, Aaron Ames and Frank Stringfellow in particular. Their personalities were so well defined that it was a joy to write their songs. I also was drawn in by the story’s message of reconciliation and hope, two things our nation needs today. I want to be part of something that will build bridges between all races and regions. By God’s grace, this musical will do just that! I thank Virginia for her encouragement and faith, and the prayer team—including my wife, who’ve helped me keep this project front and center.”

For more about Rod see www.rodstonemusic.com.


Constance and Aaron at the Union Ball


(left) Constance Armstrong, portrayed by Maddison Hicks, shares a tender moment with her Union beau Aaron Ames, played by John Flemming, at the Union George Washington’s Birthday Ball held Feb. 22, 1864 in Culpeper.


(right) Confederate scout Frank Stringfellow confers with Redmond Burke and John Mosby.


(right) Culpeper native Confederate scout Frank Stringfellow (Taylor Ballard) confers with fellow scouts Redmond Burke (left – Stephen Burke) and John Mosby (right- Rusty Jenkins).


Constance gets a hug from her beloved former Mammy Sadie.


 Constance ( Maddison Hicks) and Sadie (Patricia Hill-Davidson) face the privations and chaos of war together. Sadie’s wisdom and faith become the rock that Constance clings to. And Sadie takes her role as surrogate mother very seriously, especially when Aaron Ames (John Flemming) fights to win Constance’s heart.

         Photos by director Tim Carlson, StudioCPhotography






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