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Coalson Plantation and answered prayer

8 August 2008 4 Comments

Prayer is the greatest power in the universe. There are no coincidences. Since nothing builds faith like answered prayer, I’m led to share a recent story of a specific answer to prayer.

Last November I received an email from Sharon Brown asking if I would conduct a walking tour for her and her husband Thanksgiving weekend. I said yes and the three of us had an absolutely wonderful time together. I discovered that they had driven the long distance from Taccoa, Georgia because Sharon had read Marching Through Culpeper and was anxious to see the town. She had purchased the book from Jack Marlar, field representative for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

About a week later Tom Brown called me and invited me to speak at the Georgia state convention of Sons of Confederate Veterans in June. I accepted because of the size of the group. I felt God was opening a door for me to promote Marching Through Culpeper in Gone with the Wind territory.

Although I had never driven that distance alone before, I still resolved to drive to Villa Rica. Thus I had many hours to pray and to listen to inspirational CDs. I knew God was sending me on this trip for a purpose. I prayed that He would connect me with one person who would help me promote my book as comparable to Gone with the Wind.

When I was selling books Penny Gaskins walked up and we started chatting. I mentioned the comparison with Gone with the Wind, and she informed me that she was the event planner for Coalson Plantation which is now a resort. There is a theater on the grounds where the first private showing of Gone with the Wind took place. Penny is planning a huge Gone with the Wind anniversary weekend in 2009 and she invited me to come and sell books.

After inhaling sharply, I said, “I believe you are the answer to my prayers.” But it gets better. She decided I should come sooner, so she is promoting my upcoming visit August 16 as a “Day with the Author.” She’s sent fabulous promo information out to her email list of 2,000, placed ads in the paper, and my book cover is on the website of the Thomasville, Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Space is still available if you’d like to join the fun for the day or weekend. (penny@coalsonplantation.com)

How awesome is our God! Do you have a story of answered prayer you’d like to share? I encourage you to post your story on my blog under “Answered Prayers.”

Prayer power
Dear Heavenly Father, how great thou art. I praise you for always being faithful and loving to Your children. You hear every prayer and answer each one in your perfect timing and in the way that is best for us. Nothing is impossible with you. I pray blessings on each one reading this, that they will be inspired to share their stories of answered prayer. And by doing so that together we may grow spiritually and give all honor, praise, and glory to You. In the powerful, precious name of Jesus.

Historic Coalson Plantation


  • Ann said:

    Originally The Coalson Plantation had intended hosting The Shaw-Tumblin Gone With The Wind Collection Exhibit including many original costumes that had actually been used in the film. However, they took so long that the owner of the collection lost interest and told them to “skip it!” I would have loved to see it. What a loss!

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  • pamela said:

    My goodness what a treat to visit with Virginia at Coalson Plantation and share witness with such a lovely and faithful woman of God. I shared the story of my sons great and powerful miracle of healing from cancer and she ask me to share it with all of her friends.

    Joshua was 5 years old. Beautiful and a powerful child of God so gifted that he glowed with the light that was in him. He was diagnosed with a childhood cancer that is quick progressive. Though 90% curable, the danger was reoccurance…only a 5% chance, but if so…there was little to no hope for there had been no survivers of a reoccurance and there was no data of how to treat….after 2 years of radiation and chemotheraphy and all that goes with this treatment Joshua was pronounced cancer free…..a couple of months later…he reoccured…we were in big trouble…I stood over my son and watched him die every day for 5 years…One morning I stood at the foot of his bed, this child that I loved lie so helpless, so small, so very tired…his arms were streatched to each side to accomodate the needles in his arms I thought how he looked like Jesus on the cross, and it was then I said to my God….. WEll Lord…I finally know how Mary felt, my son is innocent. Cancer is his cross to bear, and those needles are nails in his hands… so I prayed that mothers prayer and begged god to heal my son, to take this cross from him. I give him back to you Oh God for he is not mine but yours and like Mary…I love him enough to let him go”. Lord not my will but yours..Let thy will be done.

    I asked the Lord to heal Joshua and if to do that ment he had to take him to take him. I asked this..IF you do take him Lord…please don’t let me go crazy, please allow me to remember what his little hands looked like, what his hair smells like. I have two other sons that still need me.

    Then I realized that this cancer was not about Joahua….it was about me…Satan was attacking my baby to get me…did he think I would blame God? Wonder where my miracle was???? Curse the heavens? I said outloud…I get it..I know what is happening here…..”Satan you have no power here, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, you take your hands off this baby right now in the HOLY name of MY JESUS…Me loosing my boy to you …is not an option…you might make him sick, you might mame his body and ravage his system you might even kill him but when he lets go of my hand on this side Jesus will be there holding on to to the other to take him to the promised land and you loose either way so be gone…you have no power here. I started laughing and praising God outloud because I knew I had just whooped that old liar the devil good…LOL prais GOD!!!

    This I am telling you my friends that a light came through the hospital window, and shone down on my son who was 7 years old and weighed 23 pounds, bald, yellow, and dying,nailed there to his cross…and he opened his eyes…color came back to his face….and he said Momma…I am hungry!!! AND I KNEW…I KNEW..Jesus and performed a miracle. Not long after…Joshua walked out of that hospital and he is 16 years old today,strong, healthy and cancer free. HE his lost his right eye in the battle but it is a visual witness to the world that often gives him an opportunity to witness to the world when asked about it. To tell them of Gods love and his miracle. We celebrate Gods power and thank him and as his mother I am so blessed to have been given this child to love and to stand for. WE don’t always understand but we must stay faithful. God is always with us and he is still in the miralce business. I hope this helps you in some way and I thank Virigina Morton for giving me this forum to share my story with you. Peace…be still..God said, ” I already know you have need of these things and have already provided them.” I am available to all of you and to your churches or groups to speak and tell you my story again and again which is all God has ask me to do…tell them!!!!! I hope to write this story some day and publish it to give strength to desperate parents facing the same trials. I have also written a song that will hopefully accompany it. I ask you to be in prayer with me that God will bring into my path the right people to help me see this project through. To witness and to raise needed monies for pediatric cancer research in the field of Rhabdomyosarcoma. May God bless you all.

    Pamela Harris

  • pamela said:

    To Anne:

    Actually, the Shaw/Tumblin collection was discussed and offered to Coalson with much excite but in the end was going to cost a great deal of money to host it, several thousand dollars that we were just not in a position to pay so I appologise for your disappointment. However just as God would have it, The University of Ga called and are most excited to join us for our celebreation and will bringing their collection for our guest to see so we hope you will join us as we celebreat the 70th anniversary of Gone With the Wind here at Coalson Plantation. Yeah God!! He, who always opens a window !!!!

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