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Following Lincoln’s election and the secession of seven Southern states, there was initially little outcry for war. Most northern newspapers editorialized that the states should be allowed to leave in peace. They would still be trading partners of the United States and many preferred their departure to continued sectional rancor.
Then within days of each other in early March, 1861 two events occurred, usually overlooked in chronicles of the War, but destined to exert colossal influence on world history. The U. S. Congress passed the Morrill Tariff, the highest in the …

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I have been working on a screenplay adaptation of “Marching Through Culpeper” for several years. Due to the length of the book, the most likely scenario would be a miniseries. I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with three talented, aspiring screenplay writers during the process. I feel the next step is to seek the expertise of a professional script consultant. During my long literary journey, I’ve learned that God always shows me the right person at the right time. I recently mailed the first three hours of my screenplay …