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Rev. E. M. Bounds was neither a fan of Southern slavery nor the “human sweat shops” of Northern industry. But he held an abiding belief in a state’s right to secede, and continued his clergy work in the Methodist Episcopal Church South at Brunswick Station, Missouri. He refused to take sides in the early days of the war, but then a series of Northern war crimes unfolded.
On May 10, 1861, Union troops fired into a crowd killing 28 non-combatants during the St. Louis massacre. Over the next several months Federals …

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Have you ever heard of Rev. E. M. Bounds? Neither had I, until a few years ago. I traveled to Greenville, S. C. to speak at a Lee-Jackson Day dinner sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. My good friend, Kay Waite, accompanied me.
The following day another good friend, Jack Marlar, SCV field representative, took us on a tour of the beautiful antebellum town of Washington, Georgia. We had a delightful day and toured the Robert Toombs House which is a museum. I was thrilled to see the trunk that Jefferson …