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Most Americans, including Virginians, are taught and erroneously believe that slavery in the U. S. began in Virginia. But the fact is the first colony to pass a law legalizing lifetime slavery was Massachusetts in 1641. Lifetime slavery did not become legal in Virginia until twelve years later.
It is true that the first Africans arrived at Jamestown in 1619. However they were sold as indentured servants. After working their term of indenture they were set free.
One of these freed Africans, Anthony Johnson, became a successful farmer on the Eastern Shore …

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If you have not had the pleasure of watching HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries, I encourage you to treat yourself by viewing in this historical gem ASAP. It is now available on DVD.
I sat glued to the TV the night of the Emmy Awards, when “John Adams” garnered a record 13 awards. Most exciting of all was Kirk Ellis’ win for best screenplay. I was incensed when his acceptance speech was cut off. Here are the words our country was supposed to hear, and surely needs to hear at this juncture …