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Rarely can we foresee how our actions will impact others. In fact, when I was writing “Marching Through Culpeper,” I was not sure if anyone would ever read it. Moreover, I had no idea that my book might inspire others to pursue their literary dreams.
Over a year and a half ago, I received an email from Jessica James in Gettysburg. She asked me to read the manuscript of her Civil War novel. I wasn’t sure why she had contacted me, but I agreed. Her large manuscript arrived and I put …

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John Mosby, the legendary “Gray Ghost,” and his small band of partisans harassed, baffled, outsmarted, and embarrassed the Union Army. After Lee surrendered many Northerners considered Mosby a common horse thief and cried for blood.  Rather than suffer the humiliation of surrender, Mosby disbanded his men. Thus he did not receive a pardon. He went into hiding for two months and rumors abounded about his whereabouts and his intentions. With a price on his head, chances of his survival looked grim. Who could have dreamed he would one day be …