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The purpose of this newsletter is to bless those who have blessed me.
Dear readers and friends,
I have wonderful news to share. Because of you, my readers and friends, I have sold over 10,000 books! This is a rare achievement for an unknown, independently published author. To put this in perspective, only 2.1% of books sell over 5,000 copies, the number considered the benchmark of success for a hardback book of fiction. Therefore, I humbly want to thank each of you for your fabulous “word-of-mouth” publicity. It is absolutely the best …

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From Stonewall Jackson
The Black Man’s Friend
By Richard G. Williams Jr.
It is common knowledge that Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson was a devout Christian. But his founding of a “Colored Sabbath School” and the legacy he left in the African-American community is seldom mentioned.
• Determined that blacks, both slave and free, should be taught to read the Bible, Jackson organized his “Colored Sabbath School” in 1855 and taught the classes himself.
• Jackson became personally involved in many students lives. He prayed for them on a regular basis and they admired, respected and loved him.
• Many …